Our philosophy on fraud

Redeeem’s mission is to build the safest, most secure way to exchange gift cards online using cryptocurrency as the revolutionary underlying technology.

We believe gift cards are a powerful asset to people across the world, and many people rely on gift cards for their business and livelihood. Because of this, we spend a lot of time and money building fraud prevention tools that detect and remove people acting with suspicious behavior.

We know that sometimes our system has false positives, and we detect fraud when the user is acting honestly. It is in those circumstances when we default to our policy.

The vast majority of people, about 99%, are honest and hard working. It's the 1% of bad actors that we look and remove.

Redeeem's fraud policy

1. We assume innocence until evidence of fraud

Our policy is more aggressive than "innocent until proven guilty". We assume honesty in every user, but we also rely on data from past trades to determine the statistical probability of fraud. If you reach high levels of fraud (typically 80% or lower quality score), your account will be flagged and monitored closely.

If this happens to you, it doesn't mean your account will get automatically closed. It does mean however, that continued fraud will lead to account closure. While your account is flagged for fraud, be extra careful to only trade with honest traders to build back up your quality score.

2. We have a 1 strike policy with dishonest people

When our team believes with a "very high degree of confidence" that a buyer or seller is knowingly lying, we will immediately close their account without specifying details. When your account is closed for fraud, it cannot be reopened.

3. We prioritize integrity over speed in our dispute process

When disputes arise between buyers and sellers, our focus is to get the dispute correct, not to resolve the dispute quickly. Most of the time, buyers present sufficient evidence to quickly resolve disputes within 2 hours, however if it takes multiple days to get a dispute correct, we will spend the time to do so.

If you have any questions about our policies, please contact us [email protected] or message us in live chat.

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