Note: Sellers have 60 minutes to open a dispute, or the trade will be closed.

Filling a dispute is easy. After a buyer accepts your offer and reports a card as bad, you will get a notification. 

Review the trade and file a dispute by following the steps below:

1. Go to the Orders Page and locate the order you would like to dispute. Take note of the countdown timer that shows how many minutes you have to dispute the reported bad card

2. Click on the order number of the order you would like to dispute. From the Order Review page, click on the Dispute button to access the Dispute Order page, and then click on the Dispute button again (in the Dispute Order page)

3. Enter any evidence or details you have and submit a dispute

4. To send more evidences that prove your card is legit and not used, you may reach us via Chat Support or Email us via [email protected] 

You can view evidences submitted by the buyer who reported the bad card (e.g. error page screen shot or screen-recording via Loom) by going to the Swap Order page. You can access this page from the Order Review page by clicking on the "Swap" button.

Redeeem takes disputes very seriously, and may suspend any account we believe is acting with fraudulent intentions.

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