First, see this article on How the disputes process works

Screen record while you buy to win trade disputes!

  • We strongly recommend recording your desktop screen while you buy using the free recording tool to help win trade disputes. 
  • When you encounter a bad card, remember to paste the Loom Link on its proper section so we have it on our records.
  • It's Important to start your recording BEFORE you click buy. We won't accept recording starting after you've opened a trade.

Loom is a trusted FREE 3rd party provider. They have a chrome extension, as well as desktop apps for Mac and PC.

Read how to install Loom by clicking here
Directly Loom desktop here by clicking here

Video how it works: Loom Desktop Recording 

How do I start a recording? 

Note: in order to record, you will need to have Loom's extension correctly installed in your Google Chrome browser. 

Start recording by clicking on the Loom extension like the image shows below:

Here you can decide what to capture in your recording: 

  1. Screen & Cam: records your screen and camera  
  2. Screen Only: records just your screen with no camera
  3. Cam Only: records only your camera

Redeeem takes disputes very seriously, and may suspend any account we believe is acting with fraudulent intentions.

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