First, see this article on How the disputes process works

Seller tips for winning trade disputes

  • Provide firm evidence that you currently possess the card by sending us pictures of the card in your possession, by writing your initials on the receipt or card.
  • Tell us exactly where, when, (or from who) you bought the card. The more detail the better.
  • Be patient and respectful to our administrative team.
  • Other valid cards on the same receipt is not strong evidence, although it will be considered.


Buyer tips for winning trade disputes

Buyers who record their screen while trading win 99% of disputes!

We strongly recommend recording your desktop screen using the free recording tool to ensure you never loose a dispute.

  • When you encounter a bad card, remember to paste the Loom Link on its proper section so we have it on our records.
  • It's Important to start your recording BEFORE you click buy. We won't accept recording starting after you've opened a trade.

Loom has a chrome extension, as well as desktop apps for Mac and PC.

Read how to install Loom by clicking here
Directly Loom desktop here by clicking here

How to use Loom desktop recording

How do I start a recording using Loom? 

Note: in order to record, you will need to have Loom's extension installed in your Google Chrome browser. 

Start recording by clicking on the Loom extension like the image shows below:

Important note: The video recording you submit will be visible to the Seller when you upload it. If you accidentally record sensitive information, send the video link in web chat to Redeeem support, and it will be secure.

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