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Our goal at Redeeem is to build the safest place to trade gift cards online. To overcome fraud we created a transparent dispute process that utilizes Trust Ratings, evidence, and other factors.

  • A dispute occurs when a Buyer reports a "taken card" screenshot error that is disputed by the Seller. At this point our administrative team opens an investigation, and makes a final decision usually within 24 hours.  

How does the process work?

  • A Buyer submits a "taken card"; there is a review period of 60 minutes where the Seller reviews details and decides whether or not to open a dispute. If a Seller does NOT dispute, the trade will be cancelled and the Buyer will receive Credits.
  • A Seller can dispute a "taken card" by going to the Orders Page -> click the Taken tab -> then, click the "Dispute" icon to go to the Dispute Order page.
  • When an order is disputed, our admin team will conduct an investigation and make a decision within 24 hours. The admin team considers Trust Rating and many other factors we count as a basis for final decision on each dispute.

If a Buyer wins a dispute, what happens?

  • The Buyer will get the Credits refunded.
  • The Seller will not be paid for the trade.

If a Seller wins a dispute, what happens?

  • The Buyer will not receive Credits for the disputed order.
  • The Seller will receive payment for the card he/she sold.
  • Taken fees will be refunded.

View your disputes in your orders page

How does Redeeem investigate disputes?

We take every dispute very seriously, and we manually investigate each dispute looking at many factors, both qualitative and quantitative. 

The pieces of information we consider:

  • Trust Ratings for both Buyer and Seller
  • Seller's evidence supporting the dispute 
  • Buyer's evidence supporting the dispute 
  • Conversations with the Buyer or Seller
  • Additional forms of evidence (audit history, additional copies of the receipt, etc)

Seller tips for winning trade disputes!

  • Provide firm evidence that you currently possess the card by sending us pictures of the card in your possession, by writing your initials on the receipt or card.
  • Tell us exactly where, when, (or from who) you bought the card. The more detail the better.
  • Be patient and respectful to our administrative team.
  • Other valid cards on the same receipt is not strong evidence, although it will be considered.
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