To buy a brand-name gift card on Redeeem, you must use Credits.
Below are few rules to remember:

  • You cannot purchase brand-name gift cards directly with Bitcoin, you must use these Credits.
  • You can purchase Credits with Bitcoin (no fee and identity verification is not required). 
  • Credits are non refundable.

For detailed instructions on buying Credits with cryptocurrency, see this article: 

Buy Credits using bitcoin through Coinpayments

You can see your Credits transactions and balance in the credit section of your profile here:

How to use your credits

To use your Credits just click "Buy Cards", select your brand and open a trade for a gift card. When you click "Buy Now" credits will automatically deduct from your account.

Example: You have $137.25 Credits and you have chosen to purchase an Amazon Gift Card worth $37.25. When you hit "Buy Now" button your total Credits will be $100.00.

What's next?

Buy Credits using bitcoin through Coinpayments
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