To buy gift cards on Redeeem, you must have credits.

You must buy credits using cryptocurrency (we recommend bitcoin).

1: Buy bitcoin from a bitcoin exchange (see Where can I buy Bitcoin?)
Buy credits instructions below

CoinPayments is a bitcoin payment processor to buy Credits with bitcoin. 

Below is a video buying Credits using CoinPayments. 

Note that in the video we choose bitcoin as our coin, and at the end the address in bold is the address you send bitcoin to!

Note: After your CoinPayments transfer says "PAID" it can take up to 30 minutes for the bitcoin transfer to complete and show up in your credits section. If you haven't received your Credits within 60 minutes please send us a message and we'll help.

Buy Credits using bitcoin in your Redeeem Wallet

If you want to buy credits using bitcoin in your Redeeem wallet, use the exact same steps from the video above, just send the bitcoin from your wallet to the CoinPayments address shown at checkout (instead of using Bitpay).

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Buy Credits with CoinPayments
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