Please read and understand how to report a bad card, and how much time you have to report before you start trading.

Important! For an extra layer of protection and speed in trade disputes we HIGHLY RECOMMEND you screen-record your trades, see article:

How to report a bad card:

  1. Take a FULL PAGE screenshot of the error ***Account name, account balance, gift card code, link, and error message must be fully visible. See example screenshot.
  2. To report a bad card on the Orders Page, click Buy Filter and click Thumb Down icon.

3. Select what type of error you received on Amazon when redeeming the code. Then, attach the image and / or Loom video link and click the Submit Request button.

     - Claim Code is Invalid
     - Already redeemed to another account
     - Claim code is Locked

4. The seller has 60 minutes to decide whether or not to dispute your request. If the seller does NOT open a dispute, then your account will be credited the value of the order. If the Seller does open a dispute, your credits will be on hold until the investigation is completed by our support team. Typically disputes are decided within 24 hours, and much faster if you submit a Loom video link.

See details: How does the dispute process work?

How much time do you have to submit a bad card?

Each brand has a different trade window, make sure to check the trade time window before you buy. 

Important! When the trade window closes, your trade is over, and you can no longer submit a bad card.

Fraud Warning:

If our system detects any fraudulent behavior for false reporting, we have the right to  remove you from the Redeeem platform. 

What's next?

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