Welcome to Redeeem - the safest, fastest place to trade gift cards for bitcoin.
As a new Seller (has gift card, wants bitcoin), here's what you need to know:

How to make your first gift card to bitcoin trade: 

1. Seller creates a new offer (upload card image, and set your rate)

  • Sellers can set any rate, however the lower the rate, the faster it sells.

3. Offer is purchased by a Buyer.

4. If the card is bad, the Buyer can submit a bad card request and cancel the trade.

5. If card is good, bitcoin is transferred from Buyer wallet to Seller wallet. 

With those 5 steps you're on your way to success fast, safe trading on Redeeem.  
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Other features you might find valuable: 

  • Concierge Uploading: Our support team can upload cards for you, just message us in live chat and ask us to upload receipt and cards via chat and we'll do the work for you.
  • Affiliate Program: Redeeem has an affiliate program, wherein you get 1% bitcoin of anyone you refer, get your affiliate link here, and sign up your friends before they sign up on their own. See: Affiliate Program
  • Trust Ratings: Redeeem has very low fraud due to our dispute process and trust ratings program. You earn a greater rating the more you trade, see details here: Learn about Trust Ratings

What's next?

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