Redeeem is a peer to peer exchange to trade gift cards and bitcoin. 

How to make your first gift card (for bitcoin) trade

1. Seller creates a new offer here 

  • Upload gift card details, receipt image, and gift card image
  • Set your rate for the card (lower the faster it sells)
  • Set the buyer escrow period (how long the buy has to redeem)

2. Your gift card trade offer is now listed on the market here

  • You can cancel your offer any time, removing it from the market
  • You can lower or raise the rate anytime 

3. Your trade offer is purchased by a Buyer (escrow begins)

  • The buyer opens escrow to buy your card
  • The buyer can report a invalid card during the buyer escrow period

4. If the card is bad, the Buyer can submit a bad card request and cancel the trade.

5. If card is good, bitcoin is transferred from Buyer wallet to Seller wallet. 

With those 5 steps you're on your way to safe trading on Redeeem.  

To get started, sign up here: Create an account

Also check out the Affiliate Program!

  • Redeeem has an affiliate program, wherein you get 1% bitcoin of anyone you refer, get your affiliate link here, and sign up your friends before they sign up on their own. See: Affiliate Program

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